How can you, keep the ocean blue?

Thanks to Hillary Kenyon for submitting this poem!

When the summer sun comes out to play,

Photo credit Abby Archer.
Photo credit Abby Archer.

Inside is not where we want to stay.

Sand and surf, wind and waves…

A beach day is what we crave!

No shoes, no socks, no worries, no cares;

Only a towel and some snacks to share.

Sunscreen, a hat, a big ol’ smile…

“Hello ocean! It’s been a while!”

But just as we get close to the shore,

We spy something that’s hard to ignore.

Plastic trash, litter galore…

Lapping on our foamy floor.

What should we do to help our ocean?

It takes effort, no magic potion.

Quick thinking! Some garbage bins!

We conquer plastic…the sea wins!

Next time you take a trip to the beach,

Pick up the litter within your reach.

Pretty waves, an ocean blue…

It all starts with me and you!

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