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Transit Oriented Development

Connecticut has an unparalleled opportunity to create jobs and develop our communities for the 21st century. There is a need for the state to help communities across Connecticut overcome the complexities of infill development, brownfield remediation, mixed-use, and mixed-income communities.

With strong partnerships between state agencies and local governments, we can capitalize on our greatest asset–hundreds of acres of developable land within walking distance of our transit stations that can meet the demands of businesses and a diverse population.

Transit-oriented development (TOD) is a proven economic growth and environmental protection strategy that combines housing, employment, amenities, and recreational opportunities within close proximity to our transit stations and away from green fields.

By doing so, Connecticut could create housing and commercial supply that meets the demands of the 21st century, adds value to the communities it is located in, and preserves Connecticut's New England landscape and quality of life.
Read our TOD case statement

As a working group of Transit for Connecticut created in the fall of 2011, Growing Connecticut Around Transit is working to assist the state of Connecticut and municipalities in achieving sustainable development around transit stations by combining its collective expertise in planning and policy. GCAT is supported by the Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation.

CFE is working with state agencies, legislators, towns, regional planning associations, developers and others to develop a shared game plan to spur transit oriented development in Connecticut.    We have had several stakeholder meetings and legislative forums where we have started setting out an immediate, short term and long term strategy for the state to support localities that (1) have, or agree to have, appropriate zoning in place and (2) have the commitment and expertise to move real TOD projects forward. 

Recently, GCAT held an information forum at the Capitol for state legislators, municipal officials, planners, and advocates to discuss what TOD is, what the opportunities are for it, and how to go about implementing these projects on a local level.

Watch the informational forum

Presentations from the forum are available below:
Regional Plan Association Presentation on TOD
Connecticut Department of Transportation Presentation on TOD
Connecticut Department of Economic and Community Development Presentation on TOD


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