Light Up Facebook & Twitter: Tell Officials to Save Plum Island

Plum Island is an 843-acre island in New York waters, just 10 miles from the eastern Connecticut shoreline. It’s home to a federal research facility…and to Piping Plovers, Harbor Seals, Roseate Terns, and more. The federal government’s plan to auction the island puts this beautiful spot at risk of being turned into condos, and could disturb the rare plants and animals that depend on it to survive.

The federal General Services Administration’s draft Environmental Impact Statement does not establish conditions that would safeguard the island in an auction. This leaves Plum Island unprotected. We need the help of Connecticut and New York citizens like you to make sure that our U.S. and New York State agencies understand how important it is to keep Plum Island’s habitats wild.

(Read previous posts about Plum Island: on the release of the DEIS and a guest post from the Preserve Plum Island Coalition.)

TODAY: Social Media Day of Action

To get the word out, we’re sharing messages that let the US General Services Administration, the US Department of Agriculture, the US Department of Homeland Security, and the New York Department of State know that New York and Connecticut residents want Plum Island protected.

If you have a Facebook or a Twitter account, we need your help! Here’s what to do:

1. Share on Facebook

Go to Save the Sound’s Facebook post about Plum Island. Please “Like” the image, and then click “Share” to post it to your own wall so your friends will see it.

2. Spread the Word on Twitter

Tweet about Plum Island using the #SavePlumIslandNY hashtag. You can make sure the agencies see your messages by including their handles: @NYSDOS @USGSA @DHSgov @USDA.

You can use some of these sample tweets (please change NYDOS to NYSDOS), retweet our messages, or make up your own.

Thank you!

Posted by Laura McMillan, Outreach Associate at Connecticut Fund for the Environment

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