You’ve got $2.5 billion for clean water!

Tucked inside New York’s state budget for 2017/18 is a not-so-little nugget of gold.
You’ve heard us talk about the need to #FixOurPipes for years. Because of your support, an unprecedented commitment to clean water has been made in New York. Behind the scenes, Save the Sound has been working tirelessly with a broad coalition of environmentalists, local government and business interests to make desperately needed water infrastructure investments a reality.
Because sewer pipes are not visible, they often get overlooked in favor of bridges and roads.
But not this year…Hailed as the “year of water” by major news outlets, the 2017/18 budget was approved in Albany over the weekend. This budget is proof that clean water is a shared value that cuts across party lines. These investments in clean water also produce new jobs – a win-win for your economy and your environment.

Historic Funding Levels include:

  • $1 billion+ for infrastructure
  • $110 million to protect the sources of our drinking water
  • $75 million to upgrade and replace outdated septic and cesspool systems
  • $50 million for green infrastructure
  • expanded drinking water safety monitoring
  • additional budget allocations to enhance state parks and recreational facilities
Tracy Brown advocating in Albany
Does 2.5 billion sound like a lot?
In truth it’s a drop in the bucket. Engineers have estimated New York State’s water infrastructure needs at $80 billion. In Westchester, some pipes are 50-100 years old. In Nassau and Suffolk, septic system upgrades could cost additional millions. Which is why we’ll continue to need your help as we stand together for clean water.
For today, join us in celebrating this good news for your water, environment, and economy. We thank Governor Cuomo and our elected officials in Albany for this tremendous down payment on a future with clean water for all New Yorkers. Tomorrow, we continue the campaign to #FixOurPipes. We don’t rest on our laurels when it’s your clean water at stake.

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