2014 Bacterial Water Quality Data

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2014 Monitoring Data


Green = Passes safe swim criteria
Orange = Fails safe swim criteria
Red = Fails safe swim criteria by 10 times or more


2014 Sampling Data

Mamaroneck Harbor subwatershed
Hutchinson River

Explore the map below for a summary of each location. The colors reflect the average bacteria levels (the “geometric mean”), which gives a sense of how high the fecal contamination levels can get at each site. The “% Pass” and “% Fail” show how many samples passed or failed the single sample criteria for safe swimming.

We focused our 2014 sampling efforts on the Mamaroneck Harbor Watershed (which includes Mamaroneck River, Sheldrake River, Beaver Swamp Brook, Otter Creek, and Mamaroneck Harbor), the Hutchinson River, and five Westchester beaches that are automatically closed in wet weather due to a history of contamination.

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  • ​Everyone can help reduce sewage pollution sources simply by conserving water, which will lessen the wear-and-tear on our water infrastructure and reduce sewage overflows by lowering the volume of water in the system.
  • Homeowners need to repair the sewer lines that connect homes and businesses to municipal sewers, or maintain their septic systems.
  • Dog owners should put pet waste in the trash, never in a catch basin or on the street.
  • If you see sewage overflowing in your community, please let us know by sending a photograph or video and the time and location of the overflow to pollution@savethesound.org.

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