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Solar power is fast becoming cheaper than dirty sources of fuel like coal and gas. Solar is clean, renewable, stable, and can lower electric bills.

For years, Connecticut residents have paid the highest electric rates in the continental US. As of mid-2017, about 23,000 Connecticut residents were taking advantage of lower-cost energy independence with solar panels on their roofs.

But what about the rest of us? Four out of five Connecticut residents can’t benefit from rooftop solar because their roofs are too shady or face the wrong direction, or because they rent their homes or live in multi-family buildings. You can help change that—sign the petition now.

Download our webinar or PowerPoint presentation to learn more about shared solar.

In many states—including our neighbors, Massachusetts and New York—shared solar is the solution. Shared solar allows any electricity customer to contract for a portion of power produced by a larger solar array, with the benefits automatically credited to their bill and without having to install solar panels. Shared solar connects more customers with more clean energy!

Unfortunately, in Connecticut utility companies have blocked shared solar for years. After a hard-fought battle in the legislature, only a small pilot program was approved. Then a long bidding process followed, with agencies approving three projects expected to come online in 2018 and 2019.

How can we fight back against old-fashioned energy and bring the economic, health, and environmental benefits of solar to all Connecticut residents? By uniting everyone who wants lower electric bills, a cleaner planet, and a stronger economy into an unstoppable movement.

Harness your power. Demand solar access for all. Sign the petition.


Shared Solar Means Solar for All

Everyone who uses electricity should be able to benefit from solar, not just those who own their homes.

CFE is fighting to bring shared solar to communities that don’t otherwise have access to solar.  Too often, the families who put much of their income towards their energy costs and live in neighborhoods most affected by pollution are the same families who can’t access solar. Shared solar is the best way to bring energy fairness to our communities.

Cities like New Haven and Hartford are joining the fight by adopting resolutions urging state leaders to pass a full-scale, state-wide program. Want to get your city or town involved? Click here for a factsheet on how you can get your town or city to pass a resolution supporting shared solar. Contact David at for more info.

According to a 2017 report by Vote Solar, a 200-megawatt shared solar program would bring Connecticut:

  • 2,580 full time jobs during construction and an additional 104,000 hours of work associated with maintenance over time.
  • $192 million in earnings for those construction and maintenance workers.
  • $374 million in economic benefits, plus $81 million in local tax revenues.

Ready to join the movement to bring solar power within reach for all? Sign on now.

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