Senator Blumenthal joins Save the Sound’s Leah Lopez Schmalz and other advocates at a press conference about the importance of preserving Plum Island.

Protecting vital habitats, clean air and drinking water, and a vibrant Long Island Sound means activating political support for policies that keep people and wildlife safe and healthy. And to activate political support, you need to mobilize public support.

You’ll find CFE/Save the Sound advocating for you and your environment in town halls, at the New York and Connecticut statehouses and administration offices, and in the halls of Congress. Whether fighting for zoning ordinances that protect habitats or investments to fix local sewage infrastructure, working with Connecticut’s and New York’s environmental agencies to develop policies that state legislatures can turn into law, or pushing for Long Island Sound funding and Plum Island conservation in Congress, CFE/Save the Sound is your voice for a better future.

The environment needs champions. Become one: start taking action today.

We use all of our skills and experience to defend existing environmental laws and advance lasting, positive change. CFE/Save the Sound draws on science and law to develop comments on permits, regulations, and plans; activates citizens to rally around issues that affect them; drafts laws and advocates for their adoption; generates press coverage of environmentally significant issues; and builds partnerships with municipalities, environmental allies, businesses, labor, and faith communities to spur action.

These approaches helped stop the proposed Broadwater gas facility, pass some of the country’s strongest climate laws, protect thousands of acres of lands that filter your drinking water, and garner over $3 billion dollars in funding for sewage treatment plant upgrades in New York and Connecticut—among other victories.

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